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Welcome to Non Toxic for Health.com! This site is about the toxins in products you use every day and how exposure to these toxins can affect your health. You’ll also find information here on practical ways to reduce your toxin exposure to protect your health. The information found here is a blend of science, personal experience and opinion.

This website is set up to provide both in-depth information and quick solutions for finding non toxic, or at least safer, alternatives to the products you use. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, over the past 25 years about protecting your health by reducing toxin exposure. As a healthy living advocate and environmental scientist, I consider non toxic living to be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mission: To provide accurate, up-to-date information and non toxic or least-toxic solutions to reduce your exposure to toxins and support healthy living.

About the Author

Hi. My name is Mary and I am the webmaster and author of this site. I taught college science for many years, until I took my mid-life crises on the road. After spending a year traveling, hiking and camping all over the U.S. with my dog Carson, I fell into freelance writing. I share my mountain home with a nearly deaf, one-eyed dog named Molly and a toothless, deaf cat named Kit. I am an avid hiker and environmental project volunteer.

UPDATE - In February 2016 my dear, sweet Molly traveled over the Rainbow Bridge where her thoughts are no longer muddled, her vision is clear and her heart is strong. She was a tough old broad who endured terrible things for the first 10 years of her life, yet remained sweet and loving. I cherish our 2 and a half years together and miss her presence every day.

I have also sold my mountain home, converted a van into a camper and will be spending most of this year camping along a lake and working at a nature center. I will continue to post articles and have several that I'm working on now.

I started this website because it fuels my passion for educating people about toxin exposure and the health risks associated with exposure. I am thrilled to share what I’ve learned over the years with you. And frankly, my friends are sick of hearing about this topic.

The science nerd in me loves to do research and I will do my best to provide you with up to date and accurate information on the topics I cover. I will continue to grow this site and really want to hear from all of you. I have added contact and comment forms so you can send me your comments and questions and suggestions for topics you would like to see covered (Did I mention I love to do research?). I hope you will stop back often. Here’s to Non Toxic Healthy Living!

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