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Do you want to learn about how toxic chemical exposure impacts your health but everything you read makes you feel like this?

Do you know about the toxic chemicals you're exposed to and how they can make you sick but aren't sure what to do about it? Do you often feel like this?

Or maybe you're just completely overwhelmed and feel helpless by it all.

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Take Control

First thing you need to know - Unlike the majority of Non Toxic related websites - I am not just self-taught. I actually spent 12 years in college studying Environmental Health Issues and have earned a Doctorate.

That's why I know living a life free of toxic chemicals is impossible today. Toxins are in our air, water, soil and even the dust in our homes. You have little control over your exposure to these sources.

So, if you find yourself on a website that proclaims you can lead a nontoxic life - you're on the wrong website!

On this site I'll show you how to realistically reduce your exposure to a lot of toxic chemicals. These are found in the products that you voluntarily choose to use.

Personal care and cleaning products, food, cookware, drinking water and air fresheners are all voluntary sources of toxic chemical exposure. Using my scientific expertise, I thoroughly research the toxics you need to avoid and how to avoid them.

And I follow the science - I don't track the trends.

BUT - You can't avoid all toxic chemical exposure!

Breathing outdoor air, eating out (think nonstick and plastic chemicals), sitting on your friends stain resistant couch, can all expose you to toxins. Your realistic goal should be to reduce your exposure.

Because your body has many ways to deal with breaking down and expelling most toxic chemicals. It begins when the toxins you inhale, absorb and ingest are then distributed throughout your body.

Your body’s detoxification machine, the liver, then starts the process of breaking down these harmful substances by a complex series of chemical reactions. Your kidneys, lungs, GI tract and skin also play a role in getting rid of toxins.

Reducing your exposure is important because your body's detox system can easily become overwhelmed with constant exposure to a barrage of toxic chemicals. This exposure can deplete the raw materials needed to keep the detox process running efficiently. 

Plus, exposure to toxic chemicals increases free radicals in your body, which causes inflammation that can damage your health. So, although your body has a detox system and creates it's own antioxidants it needs help.

What this means is, protecting your health is a two-part process. The first part is to reduce your exposure and you'll find lots of ways to do that on this site.

The second part is to eat foods that support your body's ability to protect you from toxic chemical exposure, like the nutrients and antioxidents found in superfoods. These foods provide the raw materials your body needs to keep the detox process running efficiently.

Superfoods also boost your body's antioxidants that reduce free radicals. I'll show you, based on the latest scientific research, the superfoods that will help keep you healthy. 

So, want to learn how to reduce your exposure to toxins to Be Healthy and Stay Healthy? Want to know what to eat to help your body deal with toxic chemical exposure? Want practical and effective tips, support and guidance on your journey? Then, you've come to the right place!

I consider non toxic living to be an essential part of a healthy life. And I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over the past 30 years as an environmental scientist and a consumer. 

You can start your journey to good health here.


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Mission: To provide accurate, up-to-date information and non toxic or least-toxic solutions to reduce your exposure to toxins and support healthy living.

The information found at Non Toxic for Health is a blend of science, personal experience and opinion, researched and written by an Environmental Scientist. 

Note- The scientific information found on this site is primarily gathered from numerous scientific sources, including toxicology studies, the EPA, CDC, FDA, Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Health News, National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Working Group.