Q & A - Which Tampons Are Non Toxic?

Tampons are made from cotton and/or rayon or other pulp fiber that is bleached white. When chlorine is used for bleaching, tampons and pads can become contaminated with highly toxic dioxins and furans. Exposure to dioxins and furans has been linked to cancer, reproductive harm and endocrine disruption.

Plus, cotton is grown with lots of pesticides, which can contaminate tampons and pads with residues. A 2013 study on one brand of tampons found 7 different pesticide residues:

And many tampons and pads are scented, exposing you to a combo of unknown chemicals including endocrine disruptors and allergens.

Luckily, there are much less toxic options to protect your lady parts. Make the switch to unscented tampons and pads made with organic cotton. Also, choose either unbleached options or products bleached without chlorine.  

Non toxic tampon options are: 

Cora Organic Cotton Tampons 

Oi Organic Cotton Tampons

Seventh Generation