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Toxic Chemicals in Cookware


Are you confused about the toxic chemicals in cookware, especially non stick pots and pans?

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Nanoparticles and Your Health – What You Need to Know


Nanoparticles - You can’t see them but they’re everywhere. And you ingest, inhale and absorb them into your body.

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Is Fabric Softener Toxic?


There's really no good reason to use fabric softener. But plenty of reasons not to.

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How To Avoid BPA To Protect Your Health


Knowing how to avoid BPA is an excellent way to protect your health. Because BPA is linked to a variety of potential toxic effects on multiple organs and systems in your body.

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Glyphosate in Food List


Several studies have found a shocking amount of glyphosate in food. This toxic chemical has been found in grains, cereal, breakfast bars and snacks.

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Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables


The food you eat is an important part of healthy living. And eating lots of fruits and vegetables are healthy choices. But what about the pesticides in fruits and vegetables?

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How To Improve Your Immune System


immune system

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Causes of Obesity


We know that a high fat diet and lack of exercise are causes of obesity. A growing body of evidence also suggests that some chemicals are making us fat.

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Superfood Benefits of Pomegranate


Pomegranate benefits your health in a lot of different ways. Its strong antioxidant potential is a valuable ally in preventing cancer and other diseases linked to unavoidable toxic chemical exposure.

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The Superfood Benefits Of Microgreens And Sprouts


The superfood benefits of microgreens and sprouts are like veggies on steroids. They have health promoting or disease preventing properties that are often higher than their mature versions

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Reasons and Solutions for Avoiding Plastic


OK people. It’s time to get serious about avoiding plastic. Why? Because based on decades of research - there’s no such thing as nontoxic, safe plastic

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The Toxic Dangers Of Dust Bunnies


Dust Bunnies. What a cute name for a repository of toxins.

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Toxic Forever Chemicals


PFAS are called "The Toxic Forever Chemicals" because they don't degrade easily. So they persist in the environment and in you.

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Superfood Benefits Of Beets - A Vital Protox Food


There are multiple superfood benefits of beets. They’re a rich source of compounds that protect your health from toxic chemical exposure.

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The Best Detox Plan Is A Protox Plan With Superfood Benefits


A detox plan often involves making weird green drink concoctions, fasting or masochistic colonics. The problem is they often don't work and the meaning of detox has taken on a life of its own.

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