Homemade Wrinkle Serum

There are dozens of chemicals in a tiny jar of wrinkle cream and many of them are toxic.Homemade Wrinkle Serum

There are dozens of chemicals in a tiny jar of wrinkle cream and many of them are toxic. Preservatives, formaldehyde releasing chemicals, cancer-causing contaminants, phthalates and unknown fragrance chemicals are all part of the anti aging concoctions.

Are you searching for that miracle in a jar that will erase wrinkles? Do you want to protect your health from toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin and inhaled? Then consider homemade anti aging options.

Easy Wrinkle Serum

The easiest homemade anti aging product to experiment with is wrinkle serum. You know your skin better than anyone so just do a little research on the different carier oils and their benefits and mix a few together. You'll find a list of carrier oils with some basic info to get you started here.

You may already know this but there is a difference between carrier oils and essential oils. 
Carrier oils are safe to use straight out of the bottle. Essential oils are very concentrated forms and with few exceptions must be diluted in carrier oils.

I mostly use carrier oils but there are many essential oils that are good for mature skin. Rosemary EO and Rose Geranium are ones that I have used. I would suggest investing in a good book that covers both types of oils like The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia: A Concise Guide to Over 395 Plant Oils

For my "mature" skin my favorite is Organic Rosehip oil straight out of the bottle or mixed with liquid Coconut oil. I love everything rose for my skin. I use Organic Rosewater as a toner.

Other carrier oils that are good in anti aging serums include Argan oil (high in fatty acids) and Pomegranate Seed oil (high in antioxidants).

Just buy small quantities and experiment with different mixtures until you find one you like. Below is an easy recipe to start with. It is especially effective in repairing sun damage.

Sweet Orange Oil Wrinkle Serum


2 tsp of Hazelnut oil
1 tsp of Almond oil
8 drops Sweet Orange EO

Massage oil gently into skin morning and night after cleansing.