Q & A - What's The Best Water Filter Pitcher?

When it comes to the best water filter pitcher there's only one criteria that matters. How effective is it at removing the contaminants in your water.

After all, isn't that the purpose of a water filter? To clean up your tap water. Yet do a search for the best water filter pitcher and you'll get lots of reviews that talk about design and ease of pouring. Or the time it takes to filter the water. FYI - the longer it takes to filter the more things that need to and/or are being removed.

Many reviews also name Zero or Brita or PUR as being the best. While these pitchers do an adequate job of removing many contaminants, they fall short when it comes to disinfection byproducts, and emerging contaminants like BPA, 2,4-D, phthalates and pharmaceuticals.

I spent a lot of time researching the test results and certifications of filter pitchers and in my scientific opinion, there are two that tie for the best water filter pitcher based on the water contaminants they remove.

Berkey Gravity Pitcher

The Berkey is easy to use and the system and comes in a variety of sizes.

Each filter is good for 3,000 gallons. So a two-filter system will filter 6,000 gallons. If they get clogged, scrub them with a brush to unclog.

This is the most expensive pitcher filter but it’s large, stainless steel and will last a lifetime. Plus it removes the most contaminants of any filter pitcher except The Clearly Filter.

Info on the specific contaminants the system removes can be found on the Berkey website.

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

The Clearly Pitcher is comparable to the Berkey in the number and types of contaminants remove. And it is made in the USA.

But this pitcher is much cheaper, plastic and the filter lasts for 100 gallons. It also only comes in one size. But for the price, it’s a good alternative to the Berkey if you’re on a budget.

Like the Berkey it has been independently tested in EPA-accredited labs to meet and exceed NSF Standards for contaminant reduction.

Click here for the list of over 200 contaminants that it removes.

To learn more about water quality issues and how to clean up drinking water click on the links below.