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I don’t know if you noticed, but I don’t and won’t have any ads on my website. We are constantly bombarded by ads. I want you to enjoy your visit to my site without the annoyance of banners and pop ups.

However, I do need to support this site somehow so I have added some affiliate links. What that means is, if you follow an affiliate link to a company or product and then end up buying something, I get a small percentage of the sale for referring you. Your price is unchanged, and buying stuff you were going to get anyway through affiliate links is a great way to support this website.

I link to things I genuinely like and use and are the least toxic and effective options. No one has any influence over the items I link to but me, and affiliate links do not impact the editorial content of this blog. So if you plan on buying any of the products I mention on this website and you want to support my efforts, please consider purchasing them through my links. Thanks!

Bug Control

               Cedarwood Oil

               Diatomaceous Earth

               Neem Oil

               Skeeter Skidaddler


Cooking and Food Storage

                Coffee Makers

                Mason Jar Tea Brewer

                Popcorn Makers

                Pots and Pans


                Toaster Oven


                MaryRuth Organics Pumpkin Protein Powder

                LivFit Protein Powder

                Aged Garlic Extract

               Apple Cider Vinegar

                Dandelion Extract

                Chia Seeds


                Mason Jar Sprouter


                Sprouting Seeds


                Cedar Planters

                Corn Gluten Meal

                Neem Oil

                Organic Fertilizer


Homemade Simplified Supplies

               Almond Oil

               Aloe Gel

               Apricot Oil


               Carrot Seed Oil

               Cedarwood Oil

                Grapeseed Oil

                JoJobo Oil

                Rose Water

                Witch hazel 

Laundry and Cleaning Products

               Wool Dryer Balls

               Attitude Cleaners

Personal Care



                Face Moisturizer


                Organic Rosehip oil

                Organic Rose Water




               Toothpowder (Neem bark)


               Water Bottles

                Water Filter

                Water Storage

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